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Your English, always with you

Your English, always with you

Berlitz Flex, the online English course with live classes

Berlitz Flex is a course that gives you the freedom to learn where you want, when you want, without giving up the support of having your own teacher.

Combining live sessions with self-study, Berlitz Flex allows you to make your own schedule and boost your English wherever you are. If you have access to your mobile, your tablet or your computer, you have access to the Berlitz Flex platform, where you can start or resume your learning whenever you want.

And with its voice recognition technology, you can practice on your own, before receiving advice from your teacher to make sure you're on the right track.

A mobile phone screenStart now from 49.95 € per month*a laptop screen
* Valid until September 30, 2021 for single-payment 12-month subscriptions.

Choose flexibility

Wherever you want, whenever you want. With Berlitz Flex, you make your own schedule. In addition, you can get online and learn from any device and from anywhere. Berlitz Flex is a course that adapts to you, and not the other way around.

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Choose to practice on your own

Voice recognition technology allows you to improve your oral expression by getting feedback on your pronunciation and fluency in the fastest and most comfortable way.

Choose blended learning

Flex combines private sessions with a teacher with self-study. The optimal way to make the most of your time. Receive support and help in live sessions and practice and learn on your own whenever you like.

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Choose an affordable way to learn

Berlitz Flex offers great value and puts the highest quality teaching within reach.

* Valid until September 30, 2021 for single-payment 12-month subscriptions.

If you choose to boost your English, Berlitz Flex makes it easier than ever.

Berlitz Flex, the English course where you choose.

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