The most engaging way to learn a language.

Berlitz offers the most engaging and effective way for young people to learn a language and develop cultural and communication skills that prepare them for life.  

We inspire and develop the full potential of every young learner for a better future.  

Our courses not only foster your child’s development, but also open the door to global opportunities for them.  

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From 4 to 16 years old

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Fully dedicated intensive private instruction
Our English courses for kids not only foster your child’s development, but also open the door to global opportunities for them, thanks to our specially trained native-speaker instructors totally dedicated to the private instruction of your kids.
One-to-one online English classes


Afterschool classes for teens
The Berlitz tutor program is designed to focus on your child’s individual needs, giving them an instructor's undivided attention. With ‘Exam help’ lessons that delve into the syllabus and professionally trained, native-fluent instructors, these private online classes are available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Online International Summer Courses

Open your children’s future
Our Online International Summer Courses not only foster your child’s development, but also open the doors to global opportunities. With an attractive mix of morning classes and fun afternoon activities, these courses are a great option to fill your children’s summer with stimulating learning experiences. 
When they take part in an online summer course, children develop relevant skills for today’s world, from creativity to collaboration and communication, while making international friends.
The ideal path
Depending on each age, we set goals for school age students, which not only guarantee language learning, but also skills that will be useful in real life.

AGE 4-7

Discover new languages, discover your world.

It is the optimum time to promote language fluency and set the ground for a glorious future!

AGE 8-11

Keep learning languages and have fun exploring the world.

Focused on their learning goals to achieve their optimal language potential.

AGE 12-15

Get ready for the next step in your life.

Take advantage and make your future better with a new level of understanding and skills.

Lead the world
AGE 16+

Go all the way and fulfill your dreams.

Nowadays setting a certificate is an essential part of verifying your language skills.

How lessons are delivered

Each kids and teens’ lesson is task-based with specific ‘Real World’ learning goals. This allows young learners to put their new language to use in actual situations right away.


The instructor presents the new language using visuals, actions, or interactive activities such as questions and answers.


Students use the new language through songs, movements and activities.  


Students are encouraged to showcase what they have learnt.

Open the door to a world of opportunity for your children.

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