Language courses at cool prices.

Summer, the perfect time to refresh: learn a new language, meet new people and recharge your batteries to start again with renewed energy. All this and much more, in the Berlitz 2020 summer.

Discover our new intensive summer courses and language activities. Learn online or live, individually or in groups, with generic content or on specific topics of your interest. Enjoy your summer to the fullest with our special summer offer.

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Want to meet with and share your opinions with other students like you?

Dynamic and participative virtual sessions that last an hour and a half. A qualified teacher leads the lessons; students can exchange their opinions and points of view in small groups on a wide variety of areas of professional or general interest. At the end of each session the teacher will make his recommendations individually, that will help the student progress in the language and in confidence.
8 sessions of 90 minutes: NOK 2.500
Individual session: NOK 400
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Now it's time to learn the language you've always wanted to.
With our experience of virtual learning through real classes you can take that summer course from the comfort of your home, while meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Spanish and English summer courses for students from anywhere around the globe.
2 weeks (2 hours/day, material inc.) NOK 2.500
4 weeks (2 hours/day, material inc.) NOK 5.000
1 week Intensive 20 hours (4 hours/day) NOK 1.750

2 hours per day + 2 x 90 min Berlitz Meeting Point sessions/week
2 weeks (material included) NOK 2.500
4 weeks (material included) NOK 5.000
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One to one with real teachers, wherever you are.

Premium one-on-one online language instruction in real time with an experienced, native-speaker Berlitz instructor. You’ll soon be able to communicate easily and effectively in your target language. No matter where you are, the internet lets your instructor come to you for your scheduled lesson.

Available in 40 Languages.
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